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0xGen team will contact you directly if we want to cooperate with you.

We are recruiting ambassadors to represent 0xGen as well as to spread the brand's influence. We sincerely welcome global KOLs, experienced blockchain players, and community leaders to join 0xGen and help expand the community in the local market.

After becoming a 0xGen global ambassador, you will get support from the 0xGen official community, event support, exclusive ambassador posters, community airdrops, high-quality posters and content, hot topics, first-hand project information, etc.

It’s a win-win for both KOL popularity and 0xGen brand influence to co-manage and build communities, increase community activity, and build KOL’s own IP.

1. Requirements and Salaries

Ambassadors need to have a community of a certain size and are willing to cooperate with 0xGen operations to be qualified as 0xGen ambassadors. The number of community groups, community size, and community quality is officially evaluated by 0xGen.

The fixed salary of 0xGen ambassadors is determined according to the contribution points, the highest salary is 500 USDT/month.

56 points: 500 USDT/month

46-55 points: 350 USDT/month

34-45 points: 200 USDT/month

25-33 points: 100 USDT/month

Note: The ambassador needs to bring in a trading volume of 20 ETH to qualify for receiving the salary.




Own Telegram Group/Discord

(For each additional group, the reward is multiplied by the number of groups. However, 0xGen will comprehensively evaluate the number of group repetitions, personnel quality, activity, etc.)

5,000 - 10,000 members


10,000 - 20,000 members


20,000 - 50,000 members


50,000 - 100,000 members


above 100,000 members


Community Activity

Share the contents provided by 0xGen official, such as events, updates, etc.


Update 0xGen official announcements


The number of daily active users is not less than 30


Daily community messages reach 500


Delete ads timely and set up bots


Community user quality

Active users




Valid feedback



Promote collaborations in the local market such as KOLs, institutions, communities, etc.


Meet up or other offline events related to 0xGen with more than 30 participants


AMA with more than 100 listeners


Post more than 2 updates related to 0xGen in social media accounts


New users (0.5 points per additional users)

10 valid transaction users


Trading volume

20 ETH


2. Commission Fees

0xGen ambassadors share 60% of commission fees. (The percentage will be adjusted according to the trading volume and valid traders monthly)

3. Welfare

  1. Fixed salary

  2. A higher percentage of commission fees sharing

  3. Airdrops

  4. Officially announce the ambassador's identity and have the exclusive poster

  5. Official support from 0xGen such as crypto news, AMAs, community management support, etc.

  6. Others

4. Elimination

  1. Ambassadors need to reach more than 25 points monthly. If the points do not reach 25 points for two consecutive months, the ambassador identity will be canceled but can be re-applied in the future.

  2. If ambassadors have not actively shared 0xGen official posts for more than 7 days, or if the number of active members in the community is less than 10, and the number of daily community user messages is less than 100, it will be regarded as automatically giving up the salary.

  3. If ambassadors fail to attract 5 valid users in the second month, the ambassador identity will be canceled.

  4. If ambassadors do anything that may harm the brand of 0xGen and have any fake transactions, they will be permanently disqualified as 0xGen ambassadors.

0xGen reserves the right to interpret this event. Ambassadors must abide by relevant rules and 0xGen has the right to cancel the ambassador identity and benefits of those who violate the rules.

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