Upcoming development

1. Staking Mechanism with Enhanced Rewards

Our upcoming staking mechanism utilizes smart contract technology to reward token holders who participate in staking. This encourages long-term token retention and fosters the growth of the 0xGen ecosystem.

2. Integration of Large Language Models (LLM) for Enhanced User Interactions

We are integrating Large Language Models (LLM) to enable intuitive user interactions within the 0xGen platform. Through natural language processing (NLP), users will be able to express their trading intents in everyday language.

The LLM will interpret these intents, execute them via predefined smart contract protocols, and provide real-time feedback, thereby simplifying the execution of complex transactions.

This integration enhances accessibility and usability, catering to both novice and experienced users.

3. AI Intelligent

Our AI Intelligent is an AI-powered bot that leverages machine-learning algorithms to analyze market data and user preferences for optimal trading decisions.

AI Intelligent will engage users in dynamic conversations, offering personalized trading strategies and advice for asset management tailored to individual risk profiles and market conditions.

Upon user confirmation, AI Intelligent will autonomously execute trades across multiple blockchain networks, leveraging integrated smart contracts for seamless and secure transactions. This feature enhances trading efficiency and supports diversified portfolio management strategies.

4. Omnichain Asset Dashboard for Comprehensive Portfolio Management

The Omnichain Asset Dashboard is a hub for users to monitor and manage their assets across various blockchain networks.

Powered by oracles, this dashboard will provide real-time analytics on portfolio performance, asset allocations, and transaction histories.

This tool is essential for users to optimize their asset management strategies and formulate trading strategies.

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