As an AI-driven DeFi platform, 0xGen’s mission is to make transactions even easier by combining AI with user intent. By integrating Large Language Models (LLM), 0xGen can better identify user intent and break it down into smaller tasks assigned to different smart contracts for execution.


1. Intent Recognition and Transaction Execution

With the fusion of intent and AI, users only need to express the desired outcome of their transactions, and 0xGen will find the optimal transaction route to fulfill it.

For example, suppose a user wants to swap assets on Arbitrum and Optimism for Matic on Polygon. They simply say, “Help me swap assets on Arbitrum and Optimism for Matic on Polygon.” Through LLM, this intent is broken down into: 1) Recognizing assets on Arbitrum and Optimism in the wallet 2) Identifying the best exchange rate for cross-chain bridges, dex, and transaction routes 3) Invoking cross-chain and dex contracts to execute the transaction via the calculated route.

This is facilitated by 0xGen’s own Dex aggregator and cross-chain interoperability. With AI optimizing and selecting routes, users can seamlessly transfer assets between different blockchain networks at optimal rates.

2. AI and ML-Based Trading Signals

0xGen’s team provides AI and ML-based trading signals, allowing users to assess the direction and targets of trades.

Next, 0xGen will offer even smarter and more convenient trading services, where users only need to express, “Help me buy all the signals’ targets with stablecoins in my wallet,” to complete all transactions. This step will also be broken down by LLM, first identifying the stablecoin types and amounts in the user’s wallet, then acquiring the targets needed to purchase based on 0xGen’s trading signals and finally invoking dex contracts for pricing and comparison to determine the optimal trading route and execute the transaction.

3. Discovering Intent and Risk Preferences

Often, users are unclear about their trading intents and risk preferences. 0xGen assists users in analyzing and discovering their intents and risk preferences through Q&A and wallet transaction tracking, helping them manage asset allocation and providing recommendations.

4. Security and Usage Preferences

0xGen is committed to addressing security issues in the blockchain space. It only integrates reputable and reliable aggregators in the crypto and undergoes continuous testing in the backend. The platform follows industry standards and business ethics, with all APIs open-sourced on Github to ensure the security of user data. Designed to handle high traffic, 0xGen ensures excellent performance.

Users are also given the choice to select which cross-chain bridges and dex they prefer to use and which ones to reject based on their trading preferences.

5. Fostering Developer Innovation

0xGen has open-sourced its AI algorithms and LLM, inviting developers to collaborate on training and utilization. In addition, 0xGen provides an easy-to-build swap widget and SDK, allowing developers to integrate 0xGen’s swap functionality within an hour.

With these open-source resources, developers can seamlessly integrate our AI algorithms and LLM into their applications, empowering them with advanced language processing capabilities. Additionally, developers can swiftly access all of 0xGen’s features, including swaps, cross-chain swaps, trading signals, and more, to build upon.

6. Multi-Chain Governance and Voting Preferences

0xGen supports a community-led governance model, allowing users to participate in the platform’s development, building trust and a sense of involvement. This governance model further promotes trust and participation among stakeholders.

Users can freely set governance preferences and designate proxies to vote on their behalf, further enhancing trust and participation among stakeholders. This step is also simplified into a sentence, such as “I only participate in fee-related proposal voting,” in which case only fee-related proposals are presented to the user.

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