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1. General

Why do I need to approve my tokens before I can trade them?

When using a DEX you must first approve each token that you plan to trade. DEXs use smart contracts on the blockchain to execute transactions. To use a smart contract, you must
  • 1) permit it to validate your token balance, and
  • 2) allow it to transfer the number of tokens that you wish to trade from your wallet.

Common error message

Insufficient {Token} Balance
You're trying to swap a specific token to another token, but there isn't enough of one of the two tokens in the pair.
Please switch chain in your wallet to supported chain
You need to switch the chain in your wallet first to continue the swap process (语法)
Please approve the Token first before you make a transaction.
You need to approve that the contract is authorized to use your token to make swap.
Transaction Fail
The transaction can fail for many reasons, but we highly recommend you adjust your gas price because cost over the gas limit is the most general issue for the transaction failure.

I can't find an answer to my question. Where can I find an answer?

If you can't find what you're looking for in 0xGen documentation, ask your question in our Telegram or Discord

What benefit can an OG badge bring me?

YOU will be airdropped with GOVERNANCE TOKENS please join in communities and follow our twitter for the official announcement.
Telegram & Discord communities for more information.
Twitter: @0xgen_io

When do you list XGN (governance token)?

please join in communities and follow our twitter for the official announcements.
Telegram & Discord communities for more information.
Twitter: @0xgen_io

What stage are you currently in? Testnet or mainnet?

Mainnet now, and recent programs with high incentives are live now!
Referral program:
Cross-chain & Swap will be live on 9th, March.

Any channels for Chinese fans of the 0xGen ?

We have an official Discord Channel for Chinese Fans

We would love to know more about your marketing plans, can you tell us more about them?

You can check our Doc here:

How to claim our OG Badge?

After you submit your BSC wallet address, the admin will let you know when you can claim OG badge, and the claim site is here:

Do we have any activity here ?

Yes we do have Activity in twitter/Telegram/discord, please follow all and check it out from our social media account.

What is your project ?

0xGen Widget integrates the most popular liquidity aggregators into one simple interface, offering the widest range of tokens and best exchange rates between any token pair.
Check more info here:

Can we connect to your project ?

Yes please share your social media account and why you would like to collaborate.

2. Referral

Switch to the BSC chain and you can get it.

What's the commission rate for a trading ambassador?

For trading ambassadors: the default commission rate is 80%
For common inviters: the default commission rate is 40%

How to become an ambassador?

3. Trading

What is “Trade to earn” and how to participate?

This is a 50-week Trading campaign where a total of 10% Governance Token will be distributed during

Why can't I claim rewards in “Trade to earn” programs?

The team will snap shot trading volume every Friday. If you are eligible for rewards, you can claim here: